Abbey Gates
Primary School

Animal inspired Tangrams

Year 5 on March 10th 2017

Year 4 combined Maths and Topic todays to create some animals inspired Tangrams.

Tangrams are popular puzzles that were created in Ancient China and reflect the Chinese fascination throughout history with mathematical puzzles. They are made up of 7 flat shapes, called tans. The puzzle is to form the 'tans' into various shapes representing stylised animals, people and objects.

First the children had to colour and cut out their 'tans', then they had the tricky job of having to piece it back together. After they had succeed in doing so, they had to try and make a rectangles, right angle triangle, trapezium and a parallelogram - remembering to use all 7 'tans'. 

The children then create an animal linking the curriculum areas.  


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