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Schools 4 Peace/Skole Za Mir

Posted on 13th October 2017

Abbey Gates is a Schools 4 Peace school!

Schools for Peace (Skole Za Mir) is a relatively new and growing partnership between schools in the UK, Bosnia and Serbia. The purpose of the partnership is to help each partner school to make ‘peace making’ an important part of its educational and community life.

By ‘peace-making’ we mean helping pupils to understand the causes of conflict and ways of resolving it, and to develop skills in peace-making. The project will cover international and national peace-making, as well as peace-making in school and everyday community life.

At the centre of the SFP/SZM partnership is Coventry Cathedral. This famous Cathedral is very well known for its work in promoting peace-making internationally. The Cathedral is working with the charity SANA as coordinator of the partnership.

As part of the project, our children will be taking part in lessons based on the following themes.

Identity (What’s my story?  Being secure in who we are.)
Understanding conflict (How does it come about? What are the warning signs?)
Openness to the ‘other’ (Learning to listen. Inclusion and exclusion)
Agents of change (Who can change things and how? Individuals and communities)
Resolving conflict (Be a peacemaker!)
Flourishing (What can peace look like and feel like? Living well with our differences)

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Upcoming dates

  • May 21 - Orchestra
  • May 21 - Around the World Week
  • May 22 - Y5 Family Assembly 9am
  • May 23 - Full Governors’ Meeting
  • May 23 - Class Photos
  • May 24 - Y6 DARE Graduation 9.10am
  • May 25 - Inset Day
  • May 28 - Bank Holiday
  • May 28 - Half-Term Holiday
  • Jun 4 - Orchestra
  • Jun 7 - Y6 Cadbury World
  • Jun 11 - Orchestra
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