Abbey Gates
Primary School


At Abbey Gates the children come first. The needs of an individual child are always our priority. We care for, value and respect each child's contribution to the life of the school. Our clear objective is for the children to be happy, confident and have a total trust in the school, which you, the parents, must share.

During their time at school, we want the children to have access to the widest possible range of opportunities in which they can be involved, enjoy success and gain achievement. I want our entitlement to be a rich curriculum where happy well motivated children work alongside and together with a caring and fullfilled team of staff.

"It is our vision to be a leading school providing quality education in a caring environment. All children will be encouraged to achieve their full potential and become responsible, independent individuals"


Abbey Gates will:

  • Ensure the quality of children's learning through the effective delivery of a skills based creative curriculum
  • Sustain a challenging and professional environment, ensuring excellence and enjoyment
  • Have consistently high expectations and will meet these with high quality learning strategies and resources
  • Build self-respect and confidence and encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and their actions
  • Work closely with parents and the community, recognising the need for real partnership
  • Continually seek ways to improve every aspect of the school's work and life

Finding us

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