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Medicine Forms

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Medicines in School (full policy on website)

The school acknowledges that parents and carers have prime responsibility for their child’s health and should provide us with information about their child’s medical condition when appropriate.

There is no legal duty, which requires school staff to administer medication; this is a voluntary role at a school’s discretion. In this school, staff are responsible, where agreed, for administering medication, its safe storage and the keeping of appropriate records.

WE CAN ONLY ADMINISTER MEDICINE PRESCRIBED BY YOUR GP/MEDICAL PRACTITIONER. THIS INCLUDES ANY PAINKILLERS, ANTI-HISTAMINES ETC… If prescribed medication (i.e. anti-biotic) is required three times a day then it should be taken before school, after school and later in the evening. It is not necessary to receive a dose during school hours.

Parents are required to complete and sign a Consent Form (available below) if medicines are required to be administered at school. Verbal instructions will not be accepted, nor will handwritten notes. Ideally this consent form will be emailed to school please.


At this time, we will expect older children to self-administer required medication, supervised by school staff (consent form on website). Ideally parents will make arrangements for younger children who require medication, to take this outside of the school day however we will of course consider this on a case by case basis -so please make contact with school to discuss. Any medicine sent in should have a dispensing syringe or cup – not a spoon please.Other than an inhaler, no pupil should be in possession of medication at any time. All necessary medication is stored in either the refrigerator in the staff room or the labelled secure cupboard in the staffroom/classroom.

It is your responsibility to arrange to collect the medicine at the end of the day and to ensure that it is within the expiry date particularly in the case of Epipens, allergy medicine and asthma medication which are kept in school.

If your child is unwell, especially with sickness and diarrhoea they should not return to school for at least 48 hours. Further to this if your child suffers with travel sickness we need to know – medication is available and children should take this before the journey is made

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