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History of the School

Ravenshead New School Opens
13th July 1967

THERE was considerable interest show by local residents when the new Newstead Abbey County Infants’ School was opened on Friday afternoon to enable parents to register their children.

Miss J. M. Crunden, the headmistress, and Mr. W. Flatt, local Attendance Officer, received parents and registered the names of 50 children aged five and six, who began school on Monday morning and Mrs. S. Kirksham, and Mrs. J. Chamberlain, the members of staff, allowed parents and children around the modern, recently – completed building, which cost £49,326. also present was one of the school governors, Mr. G. P. Brailsford, with his wife.

Such was the interest that a long queue formed in the gleaming new hall, including parents waiting to register children at present aged between two and four. There is a strong feeling among parents that the school may eventually not prove large enough to accommodate the area’s children, although this fear is considered groundless by the Education Authorities, and indeed, this attractive spacious building would seem to negate that particular worry.

The school is to cater for children up to the age of eight and it is estimated that the present four classroom building will be full by the summer of 1970, when it is hoped that the second phase of the building, giving three classrooms to provide accommodation for children up to 11, will be completed.

On Monday, the 50 children were divided into two classes and the system of vertical streaming is to be followed: with this method, children of different ages and abilities are placed together in small groups, and each child is encouraged to work at his own speed, thus eliminating the competition of more rigid streaming. Excellent results using this system have been reported from many schools.

There are three kitchen staff employed at the new school. They are Mrs. Swift, the Cook/Supervisor, and her assistants, Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Turner. The caretaker and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Payton, moved into a centrally heated bungalow near the school in December, ready for Mr. Payton to take up his duties. A welcome addition to the staff, is afford by the appointment of Mrs. J. Craig as welfare assistant to look after the children during dinner-time.