Abbey Gates
Primary School


Every year, selected year groups will take part in swimming lessons at Rebecca Adlington Leisure Centre. A coach takes the children and staff to and from the venue.  

Swimming is a compulsory part of the school curriculum. Absence from swimming lessons will only be excused on medical grounds and requires a letter giving reason for this absence.

Please make sure your child brings with them to school their full swimming kit in the morning in a suitable bag. If they arrive at school without it, we shall call you to bring it in for them.

Girls are expected to wear a one-piece costume, and boys to wear swimming trunks or close fitting, thigh length swimming shorts (without pockets). Knee length shorts with pockets are not permitted. Swimming caps are optional. Long hair must be tied back if a cap is not worn.

Goggles are to be worn only if a consent form from parents is received to authorise their use.

A permission form will need to be completed and returned to school before the swimming lesson. Children who bring in goggles to wear on the day without prior parental consent, will not be allowed to wear them. If you haven't already completed one, please ask the school office for a copy.

There is also a strict no jewellery policy.

On the grounds of Health and Safety and Safeguarding, it is school policy that parents do not watch swimming lessons (subject to COVID restrictions on the public at the time of the lessons);

  • There is a danger that children can be distracted by their parents watching them
  • There is a chance the balcony could be open to members of the public, therefore school staff and leisure centre staff have to be vigilant about anyone who is unknown to the school. This is made more challenging if there are additional parents on the balcony

The School Swimming Service has assured us that many schools have this policy in place. 

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