Abbey Gates
Primary School

All Change!

Class 2010-2016 on June 17th 2014

Dramatic changes in Year 4 - the 5 very hungry caterpillars have chomped their way through most of their food and decided they are ready for the next phase of their 'journey'! They spent a couple of restful days at the 'Hatton House Hotel' and finally made their way to the top of the tub where they settled and started to spin their cocoons. We are now leaving them for a couple of days (to dry out and harden) before we carefully transfer them to their net habitat - we can't wait to see if they all emerge safely - fingers crossed!

This morning we very  carefully lifted the lid on the pot, removed the strands of silk from around the chrysalides and gently pinned the paper to the bottom of their Hatching Habitat. We are a little worried about one of them as it was a bit tangled and may not develop properly - hopefully it will be alright. We are really excited to see what they look like when they emerge......


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