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Class 2007-2013 on April 8th 2013


Geography - general - interactive map available to all and lots of other information if you subscribe! - fabulous facts and figures and downloadable sheets although you do need to subscribe to get most of the resources - but great for ideas as they have thumbnails for each one

Landmarks and attractions – basic descriptions and pictures of a few of the most famous – excellent links to most major landmarks and attractions organised by state with individual web links to each one - great photo gallery by region showing both famous landmarks/ attractions as well as typical Australian scenes - a webcam (but you need to choose your timings due to time differences) - very comprehensive and well organised - the top 10! Accessible descriptions, images and links

Distances between places in Australia ; - has distances between major cities on a classic distance chart ; - you choose the cities and the calculator will work out the distance and time


Flags and Emblems - clear description of 3 main areas of flag and how it came about - a line drawing version plus background info on 3 main areas – if you click on the flag it reverts to the coloured version - UK flora emblems - part of the debate on getting a new Australian flag with designs and the chance to vote 9if you are an Australian); - links to a few sites showing new designs and detailing reasons for proposed changes

Time Zones - fabulous map that labels capitals with times compared to GMT - as above but without labels so chn can pick a country/ cit and work out the time form the + or – hours along the bottom - fabulous map – simply hover over anywhere in the world and see the time there in real time – also shows time in UK and Daylight Saving - type in the location and find out the time plus links to other facts: weather, news etc – fab

The Commonwealth - perfect for this age and great for research – be warned, the game is IMPOSSIBLE!! Unless of course you are a Year 5/6 child!!

Timelines - great for dates and timeline,28138,485854,00.html – basic timeline  - very accessible for this age range

Night time views from space - of whole world – perfect for showing density of populations - several views, Europe and the world

Australian Houses - fabulous collection of house descriptions from people living in them in Australia today going back to houses that were build pre 1900 varying ages – also fab images though not very big - fascinating article and images - good for teacher research and knowledge

The Outback - A fabulous guide to the Outback: travel, attractions and everything – great for showing pictures as well as good bite-sized chunks of info – designed for tourists abut very informative and easy to read on any level - links to loads of other sites - perfect for this age range with links to other sites and images etc - has a particularly good section on being safe in the Outback

Children/ setting up links with Australian schools/ school children – excellent site that compares a day in the life of an Australian child with that of one from Ni-Vanuatu (Pacific island just north-east of Australia) - department of education for Western Australia - as above but for Southern Australia ; - dedicated site to enable students to talk to other students anywhere in the world – teacher sets up access – all totally free - as above - can link with students around the world

Olympics and Sports ; - overview of the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 - article describing how Australia is now football/ rugby etc mad!!!! - ‘If you can kick it, Australia will watch it‘ - hopscotch Australian style - 3 different Australian games – fabulous descriptions of indigenous games ; - describes a huge variety of Australian sports - official site of Australian cricket and the Australian cricket team - official site for the Football Federation ; - Australian Football League (Australian Rules Football) - ditto but for Rugby League - videos showing all the skills needed to play Australian football

Language ; - Languages spoken in Australia

(** some of the Australian slang words and phrases in the following links can be rude so be careful as to how much chn look at these links independently without a ‘discussion’ beforehand and/or an adult with them whilst working)

** - fabulous list of Australian words and phrases

** - as above

** - and yet more, very comprehensive this one with a basic and a more advanced section


Waltzing Matilda – sound files so you can sing along plus explanations and meanings to the words - more detailed explanations ; - a whole site dedicated to the origins and meanings plus some lovely images

Quizzes (and PowerPoint) - a stunning Number of quizzes all based on the Millionaire format and many suitable for this age range, e.g.
Harry Potter quizzes:
Phillip Pullman
Jacqueline Wilson:
Liverpool Football team:
Cricket world cup 2003
The Simpsons:
Dr Who: - a template for creating your own Who wants to be a Millionaire quiz using PowerPoint (hint, copy and paste URL into your browser and then choose Save so you have a version you can work on-- opening it direct may only give you a read only version) - type millionaire into the search for various curriculum related millionaire quizzes - some useful tutorials about how to use PowerPoint

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