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Baby People - Urban Gongs Tour

Class 2014-2020, Class 2013-2019 on December 9th 2018

In the Summer Term, our current Y5/6 classes had a very exciting day making music as part of the ‘Baby People Urban Gongs’ Tour.

The day began when the whole school were invited to a performance by 'Kayu Gangsa' and 'Baby People' - a fusion of gamelan and hip-hop music. The Year 5/6 children then took part in workshops to write their own songs based on the theme of 'Freedom'. 

Scroll down to the bottom, listen to our wonderful compositions and let us know what you think! Please find attached: 

  • 'Flying Free' (Current Y5 children)
  • 'Friends Forever' (Current Y6 children)


About Baby People

Baby People is a Music and Art development agency that uses art and culture to promote community development and support the needs of the most deprived in our communities. We believe that art and music can be an empowering tool and form of expression for people. Over the last 15 years, our artists have provided high quality music education both inside and outside mainstream education, reaching over 2200 students each year.


About Kayu Gangsa

Kayu Gangsa is a professional orchestra based in Nottingham and working in the Malaysian Gamelan tradition. Their wide repertoire uses gongs, drums, metallophones and xylophones to create a mesmerising sound.

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