Abbey Gates
Primary School

Blood Heart

Class 2011-2017 on January 19th 2017


All about Blood – Kidzworld

An overview of blood, including information about red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.

Blood and the Heart – Ducksters   

Information about different aspects of blood, written for children.

Blood glossary – Science Trek  

A children’s glossary that explains specialist vocabulary, including terms such as veins, arteries and blood pressure. 

Blood Transfusion

About Blood – Give Blood   

Background information about the discovery of the ABO blood group system, when the Blood Transfusion Service was first formed and facts about blood donation.

History of blood transfusion – Give Blood  

A timeline chronicling key historical events between 1628 and 2005, including Karl Landsteiner’s discovery of the four main blood groups in 1900. 

Karl Landsteiner – Famous Scientists    

Brief background information about the famous scientist who first identified and described the ABO blood system.

The Cure – Pioneer: Karl Landsteiner

A one-minute film explaining Landsteiner’s discovery and how it paved the way for safe blood transfusions. 

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