Abbey Gates
Primary School

Creating Printing Blocks to produce recognisable Pictorgrams

Year 5 on May 17th 2017

Year 4 used their Design and Technology skills to create Printing Blocks. Printing is essentially the using of a carved material covered in ink to transfer an image on to paper or fabric. 

The children combined their Design and Technology skills with their Geography knowledge as part of our ‘Home and Away’ topic.

Year 4, had to design recognisable Pictograms. These are bold and dynamic images which are used as vital way finders at worldwide sporting events. They are the language of images, understood by all.

The children had to carefully plan their Pictogram and Printing Block, by designing two templates so they could decide on the one they preferred and which was the most manageable for them. Then, they made their Printing Blocks and carried out the printing. Decisions had to be made in regards to how much paint to use. Finally, the children evaluated the whole process. 


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