Abbey Gates
Primary School

Creswell Crags

Class 2013-2019 on March 10th 2016

Stepping back in time......... Year 3 had a wonderful time at Creswell Crags having a taste of life back in the Stone Age. The cave tour was 'awesome' by all accounts, especially when we turned off the torches on our helmets in order to experience just how dark (and scary!) living in the caves would have been all those years ago. The cave spiders caused quite a lot of excitement too as they scrambled about above us on the roof of the caves. The experience helped us to imagine just how basic and challenging live would have been for children in the days long before technology was even thought about. We also had the chance to be archaeologists, digging for remains of animals and tools and then trying to work out what they used to be. We worked as a team to re-assemble the bones from animal skeletons such as hyenas and reindeer. It was great fun and we learned so much along the way. We visited the main Exhibition room to see artefacts that had been found at Creswell Crags and that provided evidence that Stone Age people had really lived in the area. We used some of these as inspiration for some sketching and art activities. By far the most popular was the painting with mud activity! We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and many of us want to go back there with our families to show them just how much we now know about the history of our local area.


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