Abbey Gates
Primary School

Creswell Crags - Stone Age

Year 3 on March 2nd 2020

Year 3 went to Creswell Crags today and travelled back in time to the Stone Age. 

Whilst there the children had the opportunity to experience what it would have been like living in a cave - with absolutely none of the 'mod cons' or home comforts that they have today. They were shocked to learn that they would have been sent into the caves first to check if there were any cave bears hiding in the dark ready to pounce! They also learnt about Stone Age survival skills, such as how to make fire using the wood from the surrounding forests and the many different things you could use poo for! Working as teams of archaeologists the children uncovered evidence from the past and pieced together a cave lion, cave hyena and wolf. 

Then the children came back full of information and enthusiasm about our latest topic!

Mr Rich and Mrs Comins could not be any prouder than the children - all deserve a star on their chart. 

Thank you to Creswell Crags for running such a fabulous and informative trip. 


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