Abbey Gates
Primary School

Creswell Crags

Year 6 on March 3rd 2017

Year 3 took a massive step back in time to learn about life millions of years ago at Creswell Crags.

Whilst there the children had the opportunity to experience what it would have been like living in a cave - with absolutely none of the 'mod cons' or home comforts that they have today. They were shocked to learn that they would have been sent into the caves first to check if there were any cave bears hiding in the dark ready to pounce! They also learnt about the hunting and fishing skills they would have needed to be able to survive and how to make fire using the wood from the surrounding forests. Working as teams of archaeologists they uncovered evidence from the past that has been vital to help piece together the information that we have about life so long ago. 

Even a bit of rain didn't spoil the day and the children came back full of information and enthusiasm about our latest topic!


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