Abbey Gates
Primary School


Class 2006-2012 on April 16th 2012

Welcome to DARE.

You are about to begin an exciting 11 week programme of work. It will help you with facts and information about the effects caused by tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and volatile substances.

You will develop the skills to manage and resist different pressures you will face in everyday life and make healthy and safe choices when faced with these pressures.

You will also explore the importance of choosing your friends carefully, as well as understanding the effects of bullying and antisocial behaviour.

Throughout the DARE course you have certain responsibilities to ensure you fully complete the course successfully. You will be expected to:

  • Complete your DARE workbook
  • Have good attendance
  • Show good behaviour during lessons
  • Complete the DARE report towards the end of the programme
  • Keep your body healthy
  • Share your work at home

We know that you will be a successful DARE graduate and join the millions of other DARE children around the world who understand the consequences of antisocial behaviour and the misuse of drugs, and have made the commitment to make healthy life choices. Please ask your parents or carers to sign the letter at the bottom of this page and then return your workbook to school.

R Goad, Director

Life Skills Education C.I.C.

Parent/carer participation is a crucial part of the DARE curriculum. Additional information may be found on our website at

It is important that you share various activities with your child and support them by discussing their work with them. Upon completion of the DARE programme the children will participate in a special graduation to recognise their achievements.

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