Abbey Gates
Primary School

Eden Camp

Class 2007-2013 on November 13th 2011

Wow what a fabulous day!

In Isabelle's words 'the best school trip ever!'  some of us were a little worried about the long journey to get to Malton in Yorkshire - but it was well worth it. There was so much to see and to do we simply couldn't fit it all in. Many of us want to go back again with our families to see the bits we missed. Some of the best Huts we visited were - 'The Blitz' which was really realistic and made us think about how awful it must have been to be in a city that was being bombed;'The Great Escape' because we had no idea that it was possible to dig a tunnel using such limited resources; 'The U-boat' was an amazing experience - it was really like you were under the sea!

We were exhausted when we got back to school - especially after singing lots of songs on the bus!


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