Abbey Gates
Primary School

Finding out about the past in York

Class 2009-2015 on September 20th 2013

We had a fabulous time in York at DIG and the Jorvik Viking Centre. We started the day at DIG - where we became archeologists and excavated four different areas to see what we could find out about Medieval times, the Romans, the Vikings and the Victorians. We then had a closer look at some evidence (including bones!) and were able to discover even more about how people lived in days gone by.

At the Jorvik Viking Centre we were greeted by a Viking lady who explained to us that we were standing on the site of an original Viking home! We searched for more clues and found even more evidence under our very own feet!. The best bit for many of us was the ride which transported us back in time so we actually felt like we were living in York (or Jorvik as it was then known) at the time of the Vikings. The people, the animals, the sights and the smells were so realistic that we could imagine what it was like to live in a Viking settlement. It was amazing! After a busy day, and a welcome lunch, we were all very tired on the way home in the coach. We'd had a really  lovely day!


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