Abbey Gates
Primary School

Homework / Spellings

Class 2010-2016 on October 3rd 2015

Please find an electronic copy of the homework set.

Just a reminder that homework is set on a Thursday and due in the following Wednesday.


Mr Summers

Spelling Patterns:

  • Unit 1 The suffixes –cious and –tious
  • Unit 2 The suffixes –cial and –tial
  • Unit 3 The suffixes –ant, −ance−ancy, −ent, −ence−ency
  • Unit 4 The suffixes –able, −ible, −ably and –ibly
  • Unit 5 Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to
  • Unit 6 Use of the hyphen after prefixes
  • Unit 7 The ee sound spelt ei after c
  • Unit 8 The letter-string ough
  • Unit 9 Words with ‘silent’ letters
  • Unit 10 Homophones and near-homophones

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