Abbey Gates
Primary School

‘How do we develop?’ Class Art Project

Year 6 on June 4th 2021

To bring our topic to a close, which was questioning ‘How do we develop?’ year 5 have amazed me with the class art project that they have managed to produce.

In art, this half-term, we have looked at the colour wheel and how different colours, tones and tints are created. Then we looked at different mark making techniques with a pencil. Following on from this we moved to the medium of pastels. We looked at blending pastels, marking making with pastels to achieve texture, colour, shape, line and form.

Then to finish off our art year 5 completed a class art project using ‘Crackerjacks’, by David Napp. I split his composition into 36 sections. The class of 30, were each given a section (or 2) to complete. Today, I pieced it back together for our display and I was so amazed by final outcome. 

I was so impressed that I had to share it with David Napp, himself. He to was super impressed and responded to my message with:-

“Thanks for showing me this Mr Rich it looks fantastic! You can tell them I think their work is truly impressive and a project well done!”


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