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Off they go….......

Class 2010-2016 on June 26th 2014

The time had come ....... all of our caterpillars had survived and made the amazing transformation into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. We were so pleased that they all emerged safely, as we had been warned that some of them would possibly not survive the whole 'journey'. The first to emerge was well and truly ready to fly to freedom and it was very active in the Hatching Habit this morning. The others were opening and closing their wings and beginning to get to grips with the whole idea of flight! We had given them time for their wings to dry and we knew that they needed to be set free in order to enjoy their natural habitats for the rest of their short lives.

There was much excitement as we took them outside into the sunshine for the first time. We had decided that the Sensory Garden would be the best place to release them as there were flowers and fruit trees around there. We had placed some of the butterfly feeders that we had made around the garden and we hoped that they might want to sample the delights of soft fruit and sugared water that we had put out for them. We were as quiet as we could be (not easy when we were so excited!) as Mrs Hatton carefully opened the top of the net - almost instantly 'Speedy' (the energetic one) was off and fluttered swiftly away into the sunshine. The others weren't quite as keen to leave, so Mrs Hatton carefully lifted the fruit they were feeding on out of the net - one of the butterflies dropped to the floor so we had to stand very still - eventually it crawled onto Arthur's fingers and we were able to place it safely on the nearest feeder. Another one was lifted out gently as it sat on the lavender flowers that we had put in for them - we transferred it to some live flowers in the hanging baskets and watched as it searched for nectar. Finally they were all out of the Hatching Habitat safely - a couple of them stayed around the garden as we had hoped and we were able to watch them for a while before they flew off to who knows where........ 

We will really miss them in the classroom - we have loved watching the fascinating changes that they have been through. Luckily we have some brilliant photos and videos of the different stages to remember them by.


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