Abbey Gates
Primary School

Ramadan - Good Deed paper chains.

Year 5 on June 29th 2017

As part of the children’s RE learning based on ‘Islam – a way of life’, Year 4 have explored the religious festival of Ramadan. Doing good deeds is a very important part if Ramadan. The children to create a paper chain with a different good deed on every chain. We had some great good deeds, such as:-

I will help mum and dad with the washing up.

I will keep my bedroom tidy.

I will wash dad’s car.

I will make sure no one is lonely at playtimes.

I will remember to say pleases and thank you.

I will always smile at Mr Rich!

Here is hoping that Year 4 stick to their good deeds! Parents, the children have taken these Good Deed paper chains home, so you can make sure this happens! 


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