Abbey Gates
Primary School

Re-Arranged Cycling Dates

Class 2006-2012 on April 17th 2012

Here are the dates for the rearranged cycling proficiency sessions. The sessions will now take place during in school time to avoid any further confusion. Please ensure that a Parental Consent form is completed prior to the start date (form attach below).

Group 1
Friday 15th June 9.30am
Friday 15th June 10.30am

Jack Armstrong
Paige Burton
Emily Clues
Joshua Foster
Charlotte Hatton
Samuel Kerry
Aaron Sheppard
Joe Laurie
Lochlann Strang

Group 2
Friday 25th May 9.30am
Tuesday 29th May 9.30am
Thursday 14th June 9.30am

Adam Turnell
Harry Wagstaff
James Walker
Harvey Warnock
Henry Burton
Amelia Barford Cowley
Chloe Day
Ben Duffin Mills
Adam Wakefield
Rhys Carley-Jones

In order to take part, children must have a roadworthy cycle and suitable helmet.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Summers

Year 6 Teacher

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