Abbey Gates
Primary School


Class 2010-2016 on January 21st 2016


Who invented the light bulb?

Follow this link for a useful site with information about energy saving light bulbs

Video clip of two demonstrations of how light travels in straight lines


Identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment 

Mendel's theory - (requires flash player)

Evolution game -

Darwin's Finches -


Visit for a fun quiz

Task 1...

Study Darwin’s tools of the trade – interactive site at try out some of the tools Darwin used on the voyage in HMS Beagle.

Task 2...

Try to survive as a young bird at

Task 3...

Work in pairs to research one of the creation stories that try to explain the great variety of life on Earth today.

Mary Anning

Plant Survival

Visit and help a plant survive! and see how different environments affect the chances of a dead animal or plant becoming a fossil

How are fossils formed:,, (scroll down the page),

Remember that not all plants and animals die become fossils; the conditions have to be just right.


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