Abbey Gates
Primary School

Spelling Shed

Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Class 2014-2020, Class 2013-2019, Class 2012-2018 on March 19th 2018

Dear Parent / Carer,

Abbey Gates would like your child to use the Spelling Shed system as part of their school work.

The Spelling Shed helps children to practise spelling via a simple game. The game gives four different degrees of support in the form of difficulty modes; Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. Higher levels allow a higher score to be achieved but children can practise as much as they like on lower levels before trying to gain high scores. The scores achieved give a league position and each class has its own league position within a school league and our world league. Spelling Shed also allows for homework and whole-class “Hive” games as a more interactive form of a spelling test. Your child’s teacher will set lists of words that your child should practise and will monitor their progress.

Once your child has their login information they can access our online game via

To be entered into the Spelling Shed system a small amount of information will be added to our database. This is limited to:

A  username
An email (optionally)
A password

Usernames are displayed in certain areas so we recommend schools use first name and last initial as a maximum. Fully anonymous usernames can be used alongside a pseudonym in our system if required. If this is the case you should speak with your child’s class teacher to discuss your specific requirements.

The Spelling Shed does not share any personal information and our full privacy policy can be accessed at

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