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The Tudors Research Facts

Class 2007-2013 on September 7th 2012

Research Henry VIII
Text driven but decent page with embedded links and two gallery links on the left-hand side showing many interesting images of the king at various points in his life.
Adult site with detailed biography and links to works by and about the Tudor king.  Also, great list of additional resources for the interested reader, including timelines, biographies, histories, articles and images.
Brief description of Henry VIII’s character and deeds.
Great interactive site for 7 – 10 year olds, includes all sorts of accessible information on all the Tudors plus the wider world at the time.
Government royalty site, includes page on each of the Tudor monarchs.
Lengthy article on Henry’s break with Rome for those who want to understand a little better what exactly it was all about, contains many embedded links.
The story of Henry VIII and his reign (follow the links at the bottom of the text).
Very detailed and long text driven site, but quite interesting with quite personal perspective on the King’s character and life.  Contains links to the other Tudor monarchs and the Tudor period in general.
Wikipedia on Henry VIII.
Good accessible site on Henry VIII and his six wives.

Branching Databases

Remember when creating a branching database, that you need to choose questions which have a clear yes and no answer.

Here are some useful websites to help separate the Tudor Kings and Queens:

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