Abbey Gates
Primary School

The World Around Us

Foundation, Year 4, Year 5 on May 19th 2015

This half term, the children in Foundation have been learning all about the world around them. Last week, there was a VERY exciting event! 3 chicks hatched and we have been caring for them ever since. All of the children in F2 were able to watch the magical moment that one of them broke out of their egg and it has been recorded and put on Youtube for your viewing - click on link/ copy and paste: - most exciting moments from 6 min onwards.

Their second favourite part of the topic has been 'Light and Dark' where an owl man came to visit and let his 4 owls (Archie, Gizmo, Ronnie and Milligan) fly over our heads and around the hall! Some children were even lucky enough to have an owl land on their hand! As a result, we have done some super black and white weaved owls, owl writing and amazing observational drawings!


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