Abbey Gates
Primary School

Tree House Competition

Class 2009-2015 on February 9th 2015

Blue Forest:

You may want to consider:
• Support system(it could be in a tree, near trees, hanging from trees, etc.)
• Construction materials (are there any high-tec / modern materials you could consider, are they sustainable.)
• Architectural features (a plunge pool, outdoor dining or chill out area, etc.)
• High-tec elements (what makes your tree house look like a tree house of the future.)
• Health and Safety (how high up will the tree house be, what is the weather like on your island, will the tree house be strong enough.)
• Fun Features (what makes the tree house fun, a zip wire, a long water slide, a cinema room, etc.)


Tree house design: A4 or A3
Inc: drawings, paintings, pc designs or collages- do not use photos
Innovative, creative and colourful
Look real world examples or futuristic
"Science and Digital Skills"
Sustainable High-tec Tree House
No electricity- must generate power
x6 adults, kitchen, bathroom
Loves gadgets etc. e.g. zip wire?

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