Abbey Gates
Primary School

Up, Up and Away!

Foundation, Year 4 on February 9th 2016

This week we have been learning about things that float in the air. Today we took balloons outside....some filled with air, some with water and others with half water and half air. We discussed what we thought would happen....some children thought that the balloons full of water would splat on the floor and explode, others thought that they would float because things float in water- all excellent ideas! We discovered that the balloons filled with air were best for floating in the air, the balloons filled with watere all popped as they hit the floor and the balloons with half water and half air bounced around the floor like balls! We had great fun and learnt lots of things about heavy and light objects, making predictions and we even had a go at blowing up the balloons and letting them go to see what happened....One balloon got stuck in the tree!


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