Abbey Gates
Primary School

White Post Farm

Foundation, Year 6, Class 2013-2019 on December 13th 2012

Today we went on a big bus to White Post Farm. We had to wrap up warm as it was quite cold! When we arrived, we had a quick toilet stop then went to find lots of animals! We were ever so brave in the Reptile House - some of us touched a Snake!! We also stroked a Tortoise just before he had a wee all over the floor!! Next, we went to the incubator room, where lots of newly hatched chicks were huddling together under the heat lamps. After that, we went to see lots of pigs, sheep, lambs and rabbits. Lunch time proved popular as did the Nativity, which we acted out with real animals. We then walked up to feed the greedy goats and the ducks before going back inside to have a quick play before it was time to go home. A good day was had by all!


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