Abbey Gates
Primary School

Year 6 Football Cup Winner

Class 2006-2012 on June 28th 2012

On Thursday 5th July Abbey Gates played the very talented Croft in the George Abbot Shield final. As it was the final the game had to be played on a neutral ground. 

The game started with an Abbey Gates attack, but Henry, the striker missed by just a few milimetres. After that Abbey Gates dominated. A few minutes later Harry played a brilliant ball to Henry who slotted it home for Abbey Gates, 1-0. Abbey Gates then became more confident on the ball. There was solid defending by Rhys, Adam and Joe. This meant Croft didn’t get any chances on goal. One attack later Abbey Gates got a corner, Thomas took it and it got cleared but Joe was on the edge of the box to whack it in the top right hand corner, 2-0. The goalkeeper for Abbey Gates, Adam T, was doing some amazing saves.

When half time arrived Abbey Gates were getting excited but they knew it was not over yet. Croft were getting lots of encouragement from their supports. But who would win this tense cup final?

The second half started with a quick attack from Abbey Gates. Thomas played the ball down the line for Harry who had a shot which hit the Croft defender and went in, 3-0. Then the game started to slow down and turned into a passing game from both sides. This was until Abbey Gates caught Croft on the break, Rhys smacked the ball up field, Henry controlled it, turned and shot. The ball went into the bottom corner, 4-0, at that moment Abbey got over confident that they were going to win but before they knew it they were under attack. Croft created many more chances shots in the dying minutes but Abbey Gates held on and won the George Abbot Shield!


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