Abbey Gates
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Posted on 12th February 2019


I am so proud of what we have achieved here at Abbey Gates since the start of this academic year and wanted to share just some of it with you:

  • Awarded the Basic Skills Quality Mark for the third consecutive time - recognising our focus on the skills needed across the curriculum
  • Awarded the Gold award from the anti-bullying alliance - recognising our work with the children on ensuring happiness and resilience
  • Fastest runners in the county for the second consecutive year who will represent Notts in the English finals – recognising our focus on physical activity and the wider curriculum

Then just last week we received a letter from Damian Hinds and Nick Gibb (Ministers for Education and School Standards)….

“We would like to congratulate you, your staff and pupils…your school is amongst the top 3% of schools in the England… Thank you for producing such high standards through your hard work and professionalism and congratulations to you and your staff”

It is a privilege to work with the team here at Abbey Gates, giving 100% leads to top 3%.

We thank you for your ongoing support for what we do, we will continue to give our best for the children.


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