Abbey Gates
Primary School

Head for the Day

Posted on 18th July 2012

Abbey Gates is to have a new Headteacher and Deputy on Friday 13th July-unlucky for some!!

We would like to let you know what the new rules will be on this day:
o The first rule is…there aren’t any rules!
o The second one is you have to have fun!
o Playtimes will be longer- 20 minutes each in the morning and afternoon
o Lunchtime will now be from 12-1.20pm (I hour and 20 minutes)
o During lunchtime the staff will be playing football- this will be the entertainment over lunchtime (teachers and TAs will need shin pads and trainers on this day!)
o You can eat your lunch outside if it is a nice day (even if you have school dinners)
o You must wear odd shoes and odd socks on this day
o The Head and deputy will get first choice if there are any biscuits in the staffroom

We will be busy in Mrs Cumberpatch’s office and she will be in Y5 with Mrs Hatton. She will also have a saxophone lesson with Miss Grey during the day- she will then have to play in assembly!

This is your new headteacher and deputy signing off,

Miss Emma Hodges  and Miss Rebecca Grey (formerly in Y5)
Headteacher                   Deputy Headteacher

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