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Posted on 6th January 2021

Dear Parents,

Abbey Gates will provide links to appropriate remote learning for pupils that are not able to attend school so children can continue to access education from home. The following gives an outline of the provision that will be made and some guidance given on the role of teachers, pupils and parents. 

DFE Guidance on Remote Education: Summary of Key Points

use a curriculum sequence that allows access to high-quality online and offline resources and teaching videos and that is linked to the school’s curriculum expectations
give access to high quality remote education resources
select the online tools that will be consistently used across the school in order to allow interaction, assessment and feedback and make sure staff are trained in their use
provide printed resources, such as textbooks and workbooks, for pupils who do not have suitable online access
recognise that younger pupils and some pupils with SEND may not be able to access remote education without adult support and so schools should work with families to deliver a broad and ambitious curriculum

Teacher Expectations

Teachers will post a timetable by 3.30pm on a Friday for the following week. This will contain all the relevant website links needed to access home learning resources. We are currently in the process of uploading the timetable for this week and will send a message to confirm when these have been uploaded.

Whole School

A whole school assembly will take place on a Friday at 11.00am, this can be accessed via MS Teams. This will be recorded if you are unable to meet at this time.


Teachers record and post a daily class greeting/story on Tapestry.
Teachers will respond to work that is uploaded to Tapestry.
Teachers will contact families once a week by phone/MS Teams. These meetings will be scheduled in advance. We will send MS Teams log in details this afternoon.

Key Stage 1 + 2

Teachers will schedule a daily whole class meeting via MS Teams. The aim of the meeting is to outline the learning for the day. This will be recorded if you are unable to meet at this time.

o   Key Stage 1 – 9.30am

o   Key Stage 2 – 9.15am

Teachers will contact families once a week via MS Teams. Teachers will contact children with SEND twice a week via MS Teams. These meetings will be scheduled in advance.
The home learning resources will include references to daily lessons using the Oak Academy. Lessons will also be differentiated for children with SEND.
During the weekly phone call, teachers will feedback on children’s work that has been uploaded to MS OneNote (up to x2 pieces of work per day).

Parent / Pupil Expectations

We recommend that each ‘school day’ maintains structure while the children are at home. Therefore, we suggest following the Abbey Gates home learning timetable. We do understand this is not always possible so you may have to be flexible where necessary.
We would encourage parents to support their children’s work, by viewing the work set together and then making appropriate plans to complete the work.  This can include finding an appropriate place to work and supporting pupils with work encouraging them to work with good levels of concentration.
We encourage the children to submit x2 pieces of work per day to Tapestry (FSU) or OneNote (KS1/2) to ensure there is continual contact with school.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr P Summers

Assistant Head Teacher

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