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Home Learning Update

Posted on 13th May 2020

Firstly, a warm hello to you all. When we said “au revoir” on 20 March, no one could have predicted how long we would have to be apart. Every member of our school community/family has had to adapt and make fundamental changes to our everyday life in our bid to stay safe and well.

Our approach to home learning has been to recognise that we all (families and staff) have different circumstances, stresses and technical know-how and capacity. A parent told me they welcomed a “wholesome” timetable – as I said in April PLEASE do not become anxious about home learning, come back well in mind and spirit.

As it is increasingly obvious (PM message on Sunday notwithstanding) that we will not be opening in a whole school way for some time it is appropriate to review our home learning:

Every Friday, beginning 15 May, each class member will be sent a suggested timetable for weekly home learning - this is flexible remember, a Monday may be a Sunday in these strange times!
As now, this will include links to resources. It will also include ideas for family fun following on from the teacher’s newsletters with topic-based ideas!
Teachers will “read” to children through the wonders of technology and…
 Over the past few weeks we have been working with our IT support to identify a secure and accessible platform that we can use to hopefully “meet up” virtually - we think and hope we have the answer and will be sharing this with you, trialling a class link in Y5 and 6 in the first instance. We are trying to be equitable and recognise that not all families have ready access to reliable and safe technology but think we have cracked it.
We hope this can be used for children to share work they are proud of too

Finally, in these troubling times we must take care, if you need support with well-being - your own or other’s, don’t feel alone or ignore it.  The link below may help or contact school, we can signpost you to organisations and resources that are there for us all.



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