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IMPORTANT: Changes to KS2 Access/Egress Points WEF Monday 14th September

Posted on 11th September 2020


We are continually reviewing our practice to ensure safety and have been concerned about safety in the village hall car park before and after school (a few parents have mentioned this also).

Due to these concerns we are changing the access/egress gates for years 3 and 5 with effect from Monday 14 September.

Start and finish times remain the same but we ask Y3 and 5 to use the school drive.

We ask that F2 and Y2 don’t use the school drive until 9.20 and 9.10 respectively please as the drive is not as wide as the car park but of course has no cars

We hope by having just one class using the car park, this minimises risk from moving cars and allows space for distancing.

Ideally parents won’t park in the car park area nearest the school but we rely on goodwill for this and cannot close off any areas as it is not our land and more importantly 24 access is required for emergency services.

If we work together at this tricky time I trust all will be well. You can please help by:

  • Not arriving too early or too late (perhaps arrive 5 minutes before your time rather than 20 minutes which is happening now)
  • Use the space available to distance- grass verges on the school drive and the area near the garages in the twitchell
  • Walk to school if possible
  • Avoid parking near gates in the car park

I’m so sorry to write this letter, as things are overwhelmingly positive in school.

Have a sunny weekend.


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