Abbey Gates
Primary School

January 2012 Newsletter (2)

Posted on 30th January 2012


Dear Parents

As you know OFSTED will be carrying out an inspection at our school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Our Inspectors are named Andrew Stafford and Linda Rowley and they are keen to gather your views of the school. Linda will be “mingling” with FS parents on Tuesday morning so do look out for her if you would like to share anything with her.

PLEASE do send your children with warm clothing. It can be quite bitter outside and having warm hands makes quite a difference. As you know we like to spend a lot of time outdoors and we want everyone to be comfortable.

Apparently January can be a “miserable” month but not at Abbey Gates. Here a just special items:
o Stay and Play in the FSU
o Treehouse Project- led by:
o Harvey Warnock
o Joshua Foster
o Adam Turnell
o Basketball- we drew 12-12!
o Multi-skills festival Y3 and 4


o Book Week- Nicholas Allen inspired us all- We have a “Knickers” everywhere! Photos to appear on the website soon

PART 2…(coming soon)
o Space Centre visit FS and Y3
o First Aid training Y4
o Y4 Family Assembly


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