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Posted on 12th July 2011

As we approach the end of the Summer Term (yikes!) our thoughts turn to a new school year. Our Year 6 children are preparing for Secondary school and younger children are eager to meet their new teacher. Class organisation from September will be as follows:

F1 Mrs Lynne Davies/Mrs Julie Mackay
F2 Mrs Sarah Vanner/ Mrs Louise Whitworth
Yr1 Mrs Pam Whalley/Miss Katie Allen*/Mrs Suzanne Goss
Yr2 Mrs Emma O’Dea/Mrs Helen Rose/Mrs Donna Holloway**
Yr3 Miss Samantha Taylor/Mrs Cathy Wilmot
Yr4 Mrs Kaye McGuire/Mrs Annette Wilson
Yr5 Mrs Felicity Hatton/Mrs Wendy Comins
Yr6 Mr Paul Summers/Mrs Jo Reynolds

Mrs Heather Tomlin, Mrs Karen Slater Davison and Mrs Lynne Melhuish will be supporting children in Y2, Y1 and Y4
* Katie is providing maternity cover for Allison Long
**(GTP teaching student)

Children will be spending time in their new class on Wednesday 20th July. Parents will have an opportunity to visit early in the Autumn term during one of our regular Open Mornings. In the meantime I hope you are thrilled with your children’s reports.

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Upcoming dates

  • Nov 19 - Y5 Visit to the National Mining Museum
  • Nov 21 - Sponsored Bounce
  • Nov 29 - Bake Off Competition and Coffee Morning
  • Dec 6 - Y4 Family Assembly
  • Dec 9 - FS/KS1 Dress Rehearsal
  • Dec 10 - Panto!
  • Dec 10 - FS/KS1 Performance AM
  • Dec 11 - FS/KS1 Performance PM
  • Dec 12 - KS2 Carols 2pm and 6pm at St Peter’s
  • Dec 19 - PTA Christmas Disco
  • Dec 19 - Christmas Dinner and Party
  • Dec 20 - Last Day of Term!
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