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MS Teams - Option to turn webcam on

Posted on 28th January 2021

Once again, thank you for all your hard work in supporting your children learning from home. We really do appreciate all the effort that is going in to trying to maintain some small sense of normality for our children.  These are very difficult times and working together as a school community continues to be key. Please ensure you contact your class teacher should you need any support or guidance.

MS Teams - Option to turn webcam on

From Monday 1st February children will now have the option to switch their camera on during MS Teams meetings. These meetings will be recorded. We are really looking forward to seeing the children’s smiling faces again.

We may encounter some technical issues along the way as we all get used to the new technology. We ask that you bear with us and please don’t worry if for any reason you cannot join a meeting. We fully understand that live online events depend on perfect internet connectivity… something beyond our control! We can always make contact afterwards and see if there is anything we can do to resolve things for next time.

It is important that parents read and help their child to understand the following rules. While we can’t be in the classroom together, MS Teams meetings provide the opportunity for teachers and children to meet virtually. The same rules and expectations of behaviour will apply, whether you are in school or on a Teams meeting. We expect everyone to be sensible and polite, just as if you were talking to your teacher or friends face to-face.

MS Teams Guide

1. Your child will receive invitations to a daily MS Teams catch up and a weekly RSHE lesson. The details should appear on the ‘Posts’ section of their Teams account. Every member of the class should receive these notifications.

2. In a Teams meeting, we take it in turns to listen and speak, just as we would if we were in the classroom. The microphone (mic) icon is the one with the red square around it.

3. If you think of a question you would like to ask while your teacher is talking, you can click the ‘raise hand’ button and you will be invited to speak when your teacher has finished talking. You can always click the symbol again to put your hand down.

Once their hand is raised, the teacher will be able to unmute their microphone so they can be heard. If your child doesn’t want to speak to the camera, this is fine – the teacher will help them to communicate (eg invite them to answer questions by nodding or shaking their head) and then they will move on so that your child doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

4. You should join the meeting from a shared room in your house (such as the living room, dining room or kitchen). Make sure it is as quiet as possible and distractions such as the TV are turned off. If your child’s teacher wants your child to bring anything with them, they will let you know.

5. Please make sure your child is dressed… not in their pyjamas or dressing gown!

6. Please join the meeting at the right start time. If you join earlier, you will be guided to wait in the ‘lobby’ until the class teacher arrives.

We know that learning at home is not always easy, and it is not the same as being at school, but we are so proud of your continued efforts - thank you

Thanks for your continued support,


Mr P Summers

Assistant Headteacher

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