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Newsletter - 2nd February 2017

Posted on 2nd February 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Safety First
A number of initiatives are taking place over the coming month: next week we will be running a whole school E-Safety week- the children will learn more about how to stay safe online, Year 6 have started their 10 week DARE programme and further to this we are working with the children on “Stranger Danger” - how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation and what to do if you feel vulnerable.

In classrooms and assemblies, children have been informed about keeping safe but please let your class teacher know if your child is making their own way to and from school - we envisage this only with Y5 and 6 children.

Please can we ask you to be respectful to the neighbours of the school when parking cars for school pick up/ drop off? We have had reports of engines left running and parking on grass verges. Please try and park safely and courteously.

Reading Rewards
That daily reading practice at home is proven to improve your child’s reading ability. It needn’t take long and is a great addition to the bedtime routine for younger children. If your child does not read yet, read to them and talk about the pictures and what they think might happen next. Older children can be encouraged to tell you something they are enjoying about their chosen read. It is really noticeable that children who don’t read at home make less progress at school.

Sporting Success
Over the last few weeks our children have been really busy with sporting events; the Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics team finished 5th in the Sports Hall Athletics District Finals and on Friday at the Ravenshead Church of England School, the basketball team finished 3rd ! Well done to everyone who took part.

Sainsbury’s Vouchers
Hazel Miles and the Midday Team are now collecting Sainsbury’s vouchers to purchase further lunchtime play equipment - they are available in store until 2nd May (the collection box is located in the hall).

Thanks for your continued support,

Paul Summers
Acting Deputy Headteacher

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