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Newsletter - 26th September 2018

Posted on 26th September 2018


Children should not bring a mobile phone into school. If they/you need to be contacted, this can be done through the school office. In very exceptional circumstances you may feel your child needs a phone, if this is the case please let us know and the phone can be stored in the school office and collected at home time. (This will be at your own risk we have no insurance for phones or other personal items in the office or school bags etc...)


We send happy thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery to Garry Allen. Mr Lee Warren is covering Garry’s site manager duties until his return. Lee has an alternative shift pattern to Garry and this is why we are unable to open some gates in the afternoon - we thank you for your understanding.

We send the same message of goodwill to Heather Tomlin (FS/KS1 TA) who is recovering from an eye operation and returns shortly and to Emma Tootell (our Speech and Language therapist) who is quite poorly and hopes to return later in the term - we will keep you updated. The school buys back SALT support as an additional resource (quite unusual in a small primary) and we value Emma’s work hugely.



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