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Newsletter - 27th July 2020

Posted on 27th July 2020

Dear Parents

By now you will have received your children’s reports which reflect just some of their strengths and achievements. One important aspect not mentioned was how fabulous it was to welcome so many smiling faces during our transition days, including those children we spoke to on Teams/by phone - we are proud to have been able to facilitate this opportunity to be together, even for a short time.

Speaking of being proud - every single member of the team here has given their absolute all and I could not ask to work with more supportive, committed, creative, resilient and dedicated people. Thank you to each of them and to the many families who sent in messages of support – so warmly welcomed and appreciated.

We will be welcoming new members to the team from September!

  • Adam Martin is back - OK so not strictly a new member, but a returning one! Mr Martin will work with Y6 supporting learning across the curriculum and he will support children in KS2 in the learning hub with additional physical and/or sensory needs as well as bringing his sporting expertise
  • Sarah Woolley and Rita Rivis, already midday team members are joining the TA team. Sarah will lead the learning hub in the afternoons and Rita will support KS2 classes. Like Adam Martin, both are experienced, qualified and know the children well
  • Daniel Haxton will join the FS and KS1 teams as a TA. Daniel is a phonics and early reading specialist and we are looking forward to working with  him - he is also a sports coach which means we have sports specialists working across the school

Thinking about sport leads me to congratulate the Y6 Rounders team/s who, for the first time in 20 years, pulled off a draw in our annual fixture! The children were magnificent and showed their supportive sporting spirit as well as talent- we should mention that Gareth Rich scored a rounder in his final match (Well Done Gareth and good luck at your new school- the same goes to the Y6 children!)

It was such a joy to see ALL Y6 children together on Friday. When they left school in March I said we were making history – well, these fine young people are our future and I feel safe in their hands. They have much ahead of them but remembering and demonstrating our 5Cs will we hope, lead to happiness – I ask them to look after each other and themselves. Thank you Y6 parents, we said goodbye to you too and you have helped shape this wonderful school. Thank you for your support, challenge and care. Thank you for giving us your time, expertise and ideas – and most of all for giving us your children.

Huge thanks to all PTA committee members past and present – the PTA will be different for a while. Those who shared their summer fair with us have a fish and chip meal, courtesy of Kelvin and family – ENJOY!

Take care until we will see you on Friday 4 September



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