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Newsletter - 29th September 2020

Posted on 29th September 2020

Dear Parents

THE SAME BUT DIFFERENT…. Well that’s how it feels in school at the moment. Yes, we are having to adapt but the bottom line is that our/your children are in school!

  • Drop off and pick up is different but the children are safe, happy and learning
  • Reading books are quarantined for a while but the children are reading and enjoying
  • Lunchtimes are staggered but the children are having hot food
  • Assemblies are “teamed” into classrooms but we feel together and celebrate with emailed certificates
  • Birthdays are celebrated with a virtual card through email (and I sing Happy Birthday in assembly as we can’t sing together just at the moment!)
  • We cannot ask for food donations this year but Harvest will be celebrated with produce from the school garden and Rev Claire joining us remotely
  • Photos are being taken outside - but the children are smiling (and it’s a sunny day)!

Parent’s evenings will be different too - as you can imagine. We are not yet able to meet with you personally in school so will write to you shortly with details. Please look out for this letter.

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP… some changes here too. I returned to work full time at the start of the pandemic and have been asked to provide Executive Headship to another Notts school since the start of term. This means that Sam Taylor and Paul Summers will remain as Heads of School and lead the school on the days when I am elsewhere. This decision was not taken lightly and a driver was the significant income it will bring to Abbey Gates in these straitened times. This income is helping to offset the huge increase in cleaning and site management hours and products as well as learning resources.

It is hard to put into words how fabulous it is to be together. We thank you all for your continued support.


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