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Newsletter - 31st October 2017

Posted on 31st October 2017


 It is vital that we all work together to ensure that the children are happy and successful while they progress through their schooling.

Research has shown that:

§  At 7 a parent's influence on a child's learning is SIX TIMES that of their school

§  At 12 years old it is still 30% greater

§  Increased parental involvement can increase achievement by at least 20%

§  No parental involvement can mean low or no qualifications at 16

We would certainly agree with this research, our children who read with adults at home and/or work on x tables etc.…are noticeably more confident and making increased progress.

We would add that regular and prolonged access to electronic tablets etc.…has a negative impact, it affects restful sleep and can contribute to communication and social difficulties.

All we ask is 5-10 minutes of your day to listen to your child/ren read, or read to them at bedtime/bath time- what a great way to unwind and catch up!


We say a huge thank you to Hazel Miles who is stepping down from her role as midday team leader. I am pleased to share that Betty Day will take over this crucial role - Betty has a wealth of experience and we congratulate her on this promotion!


We have two vacancies within the midday team – this is an essential and valued role in school. Hours are 12.45-1pm Monday to Friday (can be job shared if you can’t do every day). The rate of pay is £7.78   per hour (pro-rata). Please call school if you want more information or an application form.

Maybe you know someone who would be interested in the role? Do share with family and neighbours


Thank you to all who supported our first fundraiser of 2017/18… over £600 was raised and this will buy new books for each class - Thanks all!

Look out for our Y6 children in their fabulous hoodies, funded by…you’ve guessed it…the PTA!

It is a fact that without the hard work of the team and your support the school would struggle to provide the best education and resources for your children.

As a school we are less well funded than most and have to work hard to stretch the funds…do you know our carry forward last year was just over £1000 from a budget of around £1,000,000 - this is with very careful budgeting and creative approaches …we need your support so do look out for more fun filled fundraisers!


We are proud to report that our sporting teams are on form with two convincing wins in all games played so far for the football team. Our runners are off to a great start too with the boys’ team first in the Mansfield championships and the girls’ third. Our Ikano marathon runners also picked up individual awards before half term- well done all!


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