Abbey Gates
Primary School

Newsletter - 4th March 2020

Posted on 4th March 2020


The school receives regular updates from the DfE regarding the coronavirus and takes all steps to reduce any risk. We have also sent the most recent advice to you.


We are thrilled to welcome our new Site Manager(s)!

Andy Miles and Chris Bosworth will join the team permanently from April. Andy has done a marvellous job providing relief cover in the mornings, along with Penny in the evenings.


Wow - some classes have already filled their 5p jars! Thanks to all who have contributed and all who have had a spring clean and donated to the Ragtex collection. Our next event is Mother’s Day on 20th March. Thanks to the PTA and your support we have a new bank of laptops - no more missing keys and slow processing- yeah!


Emmy and Phoebe have had a great response to their request for books for their charity book sale- we are so proud of the girls and their commitment to supporting others. We are looking forward to World Book Day on Thursday this week- hope everyone stays awake despite PJs and bedtime stories!

Thanks to all who have been “extreme” reading- so creative!


We are looking forward to seeing you at Parent’s Evening next week. We will be asking you and your child/ren to share out of school interests and achievements with us and class teachers will be sharing a proforma to collect this wonderful news.



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