Abbey Gates
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Newsletter - 24th February 2017

Posted on 27th February 2017

Dear Parents

You may be aware, from news articles, of the funding crisis affecting schools. Abbey Gates is no exception. Despite our excellent budget monitoring and ensuring best value for our paid for services, external factors are having a huge negative impact.

The proposed national school funding formula will see a £20,000 drop in our annual budget, along with the £25,000 increase in National Insurance and pension costs, the Apprenticeship Levy and proposed increased business rates. The government are also withdrawing their education support grant (ESG) – this is paid to the county council who use it to provide central services to schools- we will now have to pay more for these.

Abbey Gates receives significantly less funding than schools in areas of higher deprivation but the proposed new funding formula widens this funding gap further - as schools in areas such as Ravenshead see a cut to their budget from 2017/18.

Already this year we have had to cancel our Speech and Language Therapy contract (we bought this in due to the incredibly long waiting times for appointments) and have had to ask the PTA to fund Adam Martin, our sports coach.

Helen Thomas, Head of Ravenshead CofE school, met with myself and Mark Spencer MP this morning to raise our serious concerns re all of the above and more.

Mr Spencer assured us he would speak with Nick Gibb, schools minister. I will let you know of their response - in the meantime you may wish to raise your own concerns with your own MP.

Notts County Council are currently upgrading the heating system at the back of the school- hence the scaffolding – the work should be completed in early March.

The school is financially responsible for upkeep of the building (the above works notwithstanding) and we are due for an internal repaint. This is likely to cost around £10k which we simply don’t have.

We are asking for volunteers to come in to school during the Whitsun week break from Tuesday 30 May and help us paint the walls and woodwork. Please consider whether you could help with this!


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