Abbey Gates
Primary School

We Miss You All

Posted on 22nd April 2020

Dear Abbey Gates family

Firstly, we are missing you all so much and hoping that everyone is able to stay safe and happy in these challenging times. 

I sincerely thank both my team and all of you who are doing an amazing job caring for your families and each other at home or work or both. The Abbey Gates staff are proud to be caring for the children of our key worker parents each day. 

We hope you are enjoying this sunshine and the blue skies and are able to spend some time outdoors even in restricted circumstances. Years 3 and 5 – we are taking care of your potatoes in this dry spell! 

Teachers are busy ensuring home learning is available. PLEASE do not become anxious about this - some reminders about accessing a range of learning opportunities are below, they are also available on our Facebook and school website pages and Tapestry for FS. Remember any timetables can be personalized to suit - this is not one size fits all, there is no statutory guidance - we are all in this together.

Abbey Gates Home Learning Resources - OneDrive


BBC Bitesize

Each class will soon receive a newsletter with class updates and ideas for fun and creative learning. Be assured that when we are together again we will have a plan for “speedy learning” but crucially we want everyone to come back well in mind and spirit.

Most importantly this is a unique opportunity to be spend time together, be creative, share stories, bake, study yoga, learn to tell the time and tie our shoe laces!

Thank you for your ongoing support and the many positive messages we receive - it means so much.

Take care


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