Abbey Gates
Primary School

Y5 Football vs Leen Mills

Posted on 3rd May 2012


In the last game Abbey Gates beat Hillside a whopping 4-0.

Abbey Gates felt under pressure because if they lost, they would be out of the competition. Leen Mills had the edge of height over Abbey Gates, although Abbey Gates had more pace and skill. Thomas led the team and made his debut as captain.

Abbey Gates believed they could win and they played some fantastic football. It didn’t take long until Abbey Gates scored. Matthew moved forward with the ball and released a powerful shot which left the keeper scrambling for the ball. William passed the ball to Jamie and Jamie slotted the ball home. After that, Leen Mills continually attacked but Ben had safe hands in between the sticks. Abbey Gates hung onto the lead until half time.

Leen Mills kicked off to start the second half. But Leen Mills soon lost possession and Abbey Gates won a corner. Matthew delivered the ball accurately onto Jamie’s head, which gently flew into the bottom corner. Abbey Gates had most of the possession and Leen Mills were running out of steam. Thomas then returned from resting as a substitute and he made all the difference by crossing the ball to Jamie who scored, 3-0!! (Hatrick hero!) But towards the end of the game Leen Mills scored a consolation goal.

Final Score: Abbey Gates 3-1 Leen Mills

The next match is against Morven Park or Ravenshead C of E


By Jamie Vaughan, Thomas Thornton and Matt Brown.

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