Abbey Gates
Primary School

Abbey Gates PTA Class Representatives

Much as we'd love to be in every playground, at every pick up and drop off, and speak to all of the wonderful parents that we have at Abbey Gates; unfortunately, it's physically impossible! So, to make life a little easier for us and to give you more direct access to the PTA, we have been fortunate enough to have had a parent volunteer from each class to represent the PTA in their year.

These are the people you will see daily, you'll know their children as they'll be in your child's class; and be able to easily put a face to the name. 

They will be helping the PTA with events and being another form of communication. Please have a look below to see who your Class Rep is and use them for any questions and ideas that you have for the PTA. If you'd like to volunteer to help at an event then let your Rep know and they'll pass the information on. 

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